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About Me

'My name is Rob Cunningham. I have been doing taxidermy work here in Ohio for 30+years, and I run a one man shop. I have attended many seminars over the years, and still do, with World Champion Artists such as: Bryan Eppley, Jenna Everage, Cary Cochran, Joe Meder, Harold McGuire, just to name a few,  and spent a few years in competition. I have learned that a quality mount comes from starting with the best materials and a good knowledge of how to use them. I do not use cheap flawed (or seconds) eyes, or bondo ears or cheap homemade manikins, or powdered, not tanned hides. I use only the very best eyes, ear liners and supplies available in today's market, and hides that have been tanned.I do not make my living at being a taxidermist, so I am not " Under the Gun "  to throw your mount together and get to the next one, nor will you be waiting  2 or even 3 years I have heard from some folks, to get your mount back. That is just plain ridiculous in my opinion! It's not something I HAVE to do, because, like I said, I work a 12 hour per day, swing shift, full time job.I work on mounts on my days off, and sometimes, I wonder how I have the time to get this all done! That's why my hours are by appointment only. Depending on whether I am working days or nights, I never know when I'll be in the shop.I do it because I love doing it, and I only take in a small amount of mounts each year in order to give them my full attention, but still get them back to the sportsman in a timely manner. I am a Lifetime member of the National Taxidermists Association. If you are interested in getting a quality mount that will last a lifetime, please get in touch with me. I look forward to seeing you this season!

Rob Cunningham

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